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Chimneys And Girders

Omega Group made chimney systems can be matched, not closely, but exactly to the five major design requirements: concept, structure, materials selection, operational and environmental.

Whether a customer wants the simple clean line of a single or multi-flue chimney or the visual excitement of a must supported arrangement, each option can be catered for the wide choice of steels ranging from the relatively inexpensive mild steel and Cor-Ten steel through the more expensive 3CR12 and stainless steels to the exotic likes of C270 enables optimum design. When operational and environmental conditions dictate critical flue sizing, insulating to maintain temperatures above acid dew point and facilities for continuous or periodic monitoring the tailor made system is particularly suitable.

The company specialises in the design, manufacture and erection of industrial steel chimneys, ducting, mass dampers and associated products (including, acoustic silencers, expansion joints, tanks and support steelwork). We also offer consultancy, a design and draw service and inspection and maintenance of all types of chimneys and structures. Products are offered in a variety of materials including EN10025 S275 (grade 43a carbon steel), 100808 1.43071 & 1.4404 (grade 304l & 316l stainless steel), Corten (A & B), 3CR12 and Nyrosta steels. In addition we provide a variety of finishes and insulation and cladding to products supplied.

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