Omega Construction Equipment Pvt. Ltd  
Omega is a privately owned professionally managed ISO 9001:2000 certified company started in 1992 & has 3 divisions to serve the Global customers. The Company is an associate member of All India Industrial Gas Manufacturers Association (AIIGMA), Engineering & Export Promotion Council (EEPC), Has approvals from ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India affiliated to the Ministry of surface Transport and Shipping) CCOE (Chief Controller of Explosives) & member of (FICCI) Faridabad Industrial Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Fabrication Division
CO2 Plants & Equipment Division
Cranes Division- Omega

is a one-stop provider for CO2, Pick & Carry Hydraulic Mobile Cranes division-
Omega & Fabrication division of heavy & medium equipments for various sector of the Industry. We continue widening our international & domestic markets, developing new products & applications, expanding its skills through recruiting and training the best talents.            

Omega is a dynamic company, with a legacy dating back 15 years to the first practical Heavy equipment built for ISGEC. The Company was manufacturing medium to heavy equipments & parts for diversified industries viz Cement, Construction, Chemical, Power, Gas etc. Some equipments fabricated include Crystallisers & Pressure Vessels (Hydro tested up to 150 bars), pipelines, Test beds & Furnaces, Storage tanks for Oil, Liquid CO2, Galvanizing pots, Reactors & Distillation columns, Scrubber Columns & Heat Exchangers etc.
The evolution of cryogenic technology and the ensuing demand for gas separation, purification and liquefaction have certainly brought changes to our business and our name. The CO2 Plants and Equipment Division was started in 2001 with our association with Wittemann as the technical collaborators. Wittemann is a world recognized brand in their field & is now a part of Cryogenic Group. The Group started with the design manufacture & commissioning of skid mounted plants systems and components for application for the beverages, breweries & industrial gas processing industries. As an integrated engineering/manufacturing/construction company, the group offers complete customer service ranging from smallest capacity plant to medium to large capacities and is one-stop provider for CO2 and associated equipments. These plants are now being supplied under our own brand name without any support from other former partners. This division continues to strive for opportunities in other areas of Industrial Gas including Oxygen & Nitrogen plants, Hydrogen etc.

"Crane Division- Omega "- the Unbeatable
A lot of construction equipments viz booms, loaders arms, buckets etc were already being made & supplied for a long time including some overseas customers with whom the company had long term contracts. Complete Hydra Cranes under the brand Omega was launched formally in 2005 when the company decided to cater to the customers directly. Complete manufacturing, assembly, testing & and shipping including support for after sales service is handled separately under the "Omega" . The capacities being made are of 9 tons -30 tons (Pick n Carry Cranes, above 30 Tons to 100 Tons 360° Cranes).


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