Omega in a short span of few years has been able to supply the plants, equipments & services to the leading companies whether Brewery, Soft drinks or Industrial Gas.

Omega started the CO2 division in 2001 with Wittemann as the Technology partners. The division is self attained to serve the Global customers & has knowledge& know how to provide the plants under their own brand in the fields of :

CO2 Recovery Plants - Brewery & Distillery
CO2 Production Plants
Storage Tanks & Transportation Systems for Liquid CO2, Oxygen, Argon & Nitrogen

Standardized solutions
Low operating costs
Environmental benefits
Cost effective design
Low installation costs
User friendly operation
Multiple fuel options
Cost effective modular
Low utilities cost
User friendly operation
Standardized solution
Flexible design
Storage Tanks
Cylinder filling Station
Analysis & Test Equipments
Dry Ice Equipment & Revert Recovery
ISO Tanks
Mobile Road Tankers
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