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Today, globalization has made information processing cycle faster, leading to seamless
Product design manufacturing, planning and control of such functions. Plus computers have led to computer integrated manufacturing comprising reometric  modeling & drafting, computer aided process planning, material requisite planning, process monitor

Monitoring & computer aided inspection. And to rub our shoulder with international leads in material handling, we have re oriented our business, installed state-of-the art CNC machines & machining centers, computer system software’s & inspection equipment, etc.

Omega offers RNS Type NEW SERIES of heavy duty energy efficient Electric Wire Rope Hoists confirming to IS:3938:1983 and classified according to FEM/ISO with built in reliability, deriving product strength from making all the key Hoist components IN-HOUSE, optimally engineered and manufactured according to a standard Quality Assurance Plan using the latest in materials and manufacturing techniques.

The product is world class in line with European Manufacturers practices. It is compact and cost effective and has been designed keeping in view the customer needs. Optimum use of electrical energy has been taken into account for achieving speeds with liberal margins for voltage fluctuations, ambient temperature, gear efficiency etc.

Omega Electric Wire Rope Hoists Suitable For Medium  / Heavy Duty Operations, Conforming to IS: 3938

Omega hoist is designed in modular concept with each component having easy access for quick maintenance; The Rope drum, Motor, and Panel can be very easily attended.

  • The frame is of sturdy design in welded / bolted type, fabricated from graded steel plates.
  • Steel fabricated / seamless drum is machine-grooved as per IS -3938 and is designed to accommodate the whole length of rope in one year. Rope guide on the drum ensures smooth winding of entire wire ripe.
  • 6*36/6*37 constructions steel core/fiber core wire rope with factor of safety as minimum of FIVE.
  • Complete gear train for hosting motion is housed in an enclosed casing, provided with oil bath lubrication. The gears are made from graded alloy steel/carbon steel.
  • Forged steel shank type hook, with thrust bearing for swiveling, is provided. Hook is tested as per IS: 3815
  • Wheel gap is maintained to suit available to suit available size of I-Beams.
  • Sq. Cage motors with 40% CDFrating in class “F” insulations as per IS-325 sourced from reputed manufacturers.
  • Snap action/Rotary geared type limit switches are provided to avoid “over-hosting” and “over lowering”.
  • The hoist is controlled from ground through pendent push buttons, operating on low voltage of 110 volts to ensure safety of the operator. Control panel, complete with transformer, contractors and MPCBs is of enclosed type with easily removable cover.
  • Foot Mounted Hoists also manufactured as per client’s specific requirements.
  • Trolley-Motor driven, Hand drivers, Hand chain or Push-pull type can be offered as per requirement.
  • Special “low Head Room” Hoists have been developed.


  • Our crane design conforms to is : 807, is 3177, is : 4137 and other relevant international standards. The product is developed to suit client exact requirements/specifications.
  • Every components used in manufacturing of cranes is designed for reliability and marginal maintenance. To ensure desired operational parameters all critical components and sub- assemblies undergo through in-process inspection and conformance testing in- house.
  • We undertake imparting crane specific training on safe usage and maintenance. A comprehensive instruction manual with Electrical details is provided with each unit Omega equipment.


  • Girders& End carriages are made of box type construction for longer life.
  • Gear boxes are fabricated, stress relieved and machined on precision machine.
  • LT & CT Wheel are EN-9 Forged steel duly heat treated for longer life.
  • ‘L’ Type wheel housing for ease of maintenance.
  • All transmission are through geared coupling.
  • Reputed make of ball & spherical roller bearings are used.
  • Omega chose to make all their gears & pinions in-house ensuring their quality , compatibility & serviceability. All HELICAL gear & pinions integral with shafts is made from case-hardening low-carbon alloy steels and are HRDENED to 50-60 HRC. High speed pinions & gear are PROFILE GROUND running in splash lubrication oil bath to give noiseless movement with max efficiency to save on consumed electricity. Gears & pinions confirm to DIN7/AGMA-12 standards or EN – 9 / EN-24 steel respectively & teeth are generated on hobbing machine to ensure smooth reduction.
  • Rope drum is made out of seamless pipes for extra strength and are coupled to gear box through specially designed geared coupling.
  • Steel casting of good quality used for Rope Pulleys, Brake Drums etc.     
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